What makes Western American style fashion accessories so special?

The enduring success of Western style fashion to attract new followers and keep existing ones for life, comes not only from a reputation for uncompromising quality and attention to detail. It also comes from the unique way it embraces timeless design legacies and materials and refashions them to meet ever changing tastes.

The talented artists who design and make Native American jewellery, American West leather bags, Sergio Lub copper bracelets and Pendleton fabrics passionately retain the powerful earthy look and feel of hand made things and want them to make you look and feel good too.

Western American style captures the very essence of landscapes and lifestyles.

The wonderful hand tooled American West leather takes inspiration from Old West saddle-making legacies. Lavish use of blue and green turquoise, silver, jet and copper casts a backward glance to the area's not too distant mining past and has huge significance to Native American culture. Pendleton fabrics have been a feature of the West for 150 years and their Native American inspired trade blanket designs have become revered all over the world.

Iconic flora and fauna of the region are majorly represented in the inspired jewellery and leather designs. The colour palette shades evoke the sandy deserts of Arizona, the forests, beaches and majestic mountains of Oregon, the sunshine and clear blue sky of California and the warm clay adobe dwellings of New Mexico.

Crucially influenced by 10 millennia of American Indian art and design, these legacies fused to give birth to a contemporary style that has matured into a unique fashion genre. The look is chic and elegant and individual elements can be combined to create something very special indeed.

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