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So, you've bought the bag you love and you want to keep it looking as good as new - the Loving My Bag range of care products will help you do just that.

Quality leather handbags, like American West hand crafted leather handbags, will usually last a lifetime and indeed improve with age.

However, like all natural things, they need to be protected and nourished to keep them at their best and raring to go on that next outing.

The Loving My Bag range of leather handbag care products simply provide all of the luxurious treatments that you need for those favourite accessories. Choose from leather cleaning, moisturising, conditioning and waterproofing. We even do a nice gift set.

The Loving My Bag spa treatment, for example, is specifically designed for soft handbag leather. It's a mild cleaning and conditioning cream for all kinds of smooth leather. It both nourishes and protects, gives back the natural glamorous shine, prevents cracks and maintains a soft feel. The ultimate in spa treatment for that beloved companion handbag.

So, start loving your bag today!

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Leather Care Perfect Gel Leather Care Patent Leather Care Spa Treatment
Leather Care Perfect Gel
Our Price: £4.80 Inc VAT
Leather Care Patent
Our Price: £4.80 Inc VAT
Leather Care Spa Treatment
Our Price: £6.00 Inc VAT
Perfect Gel is a mild, sweetly fragranced cleaning gel from Loving My Bag, specially formulated to take the chore out of caring for your bag. Loving My Bag Patent Glamour is a special care product for patent leather, which maintains the supple feel of the leather and intensifies colour tone and shine. Loving My Bag luxury spa treatment is the ultimate in leather handbag care and suitable for many other leather items too.
Leather Care Waterproof Protector Leather Care Gift Set
Leather Care Waterproof Protector
Our Price: £7.00 Inc VAT
Leather Care Gift Set
Our Price: £13.99 Inc VAT
Loving My Bag Protector gives highly effective waterproofing impregnation for smooth leather, suede and textiles. Loving My Bag luxury leather care gift set, includes Spa Treatment, Perfect Gel and Patent Special Care all in an attractive gift wrap.