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Native American jewellery takes its rightful place on the mainstream fashion stage.

Authentic Native American jewellery has surged in popularity over the past decade. Sought after all over the world, this wearable art has become the fashion imperative for many Hollywood celebrities.

Although this beautiful art has ancient origins, entry into the mainstream of fashion has been slow and is relatively recent. A key factor in its success is the tireless promotion by the Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) over some 40 years and their relentless mission to assure authenticity. This is not only good news for the buyer, but also ensures that the artists receive due recognition for their unique craft.

Native American Indian jewellery stands out from the crowd because it shouts individuality and understated elegance. Each piece expresses the individuality of the artist who made it and you really can feel something of the artist in their work. No two pieces will ever be identical. So by definition, every necklace, bracelet and pendant expresses the individuality of the wearer as well. Understated elegance is inherent in the designs, materials and gorgeous colour palettes, which are naturally sympathetic to any look, casual or formal, on duty or off.

In our shop we showcase superb Native American artists such as Alfred Joe, Lorraine Cate, Charlene Reano, James and Doris Coriz, Ron Henry, Don Standing Bear Forest and Duran Gasper, to name but a few. In their stunning jewellery you will see represented the individual traditions, symbols and designs of the Navajo, Zuni, Santo Domingo, Metis, Akimel au-Authm and Hopi people.

We are members of the IACA and all of the jewellery featured by bags-to-riches.co.uk is acquired directly from the artist at authorised IACA annual markets. So you can buy, confident in the knowledge that your jewellery is authentic.

Featured Artist James and Doris Coriz from Santa Fe Days on Vimeo.