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A Native American pendant is a beautiful, meaningful personal gift.

Pendants are one of the earliest adornments worn and often have symbolic meaning. The silver and inlay crosses by Navajo artist Ron Henry and Zuni artist Lynette Bowannie are beautiful representations of religious meaning, with a Native American twist.

Stunning and dramatic pendants by Peter Nelson and Ron Henry combine ancient Native American symbols with beautifully worked cabochons of charolite and turquoise, set in silver. A signature piece by renowned Zuni artist Duran Gasper, is a breathtaking example of the art.

A highlight of the range is the work by Akimel au-Authm/Hopi artists Bennard and Frances Dallasvuyaoma. Their signature is expertly worked semi-precious stones set in geometric silver shapes.

Size is listed with the product information. All pendants come with a light silver chain.

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Sterling Silver and Mother of Pearl Cross Sterling Silver and Green Turquoise Oval Pendant Sterling Silver and Blue Turquoise Oval Pendant
Gorgeous Zuni inlay. Victorian look. Turquoise with a hint of caramel.
Sterling Silver Serpentine and Charoite Pendant Sterling Silver and Turquoise Oval Pendant Sterling Silver and Peridot Square Pendant
Stricking colour variation. Ancient river delta comes to mind. Lovely earthy tones.
Sterling Silver White and Fire Opal Pendant Sterling Silver Lapis and Rhodonite Pendant Sterling Silver and Gold Opal Oval Pendant
Mexican fire and cool white. Balanced, calm and elegant. Beautifully balanced colour pallete.