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Iconic copper jewellery enjoys a fashion renaissance.

Copper jewellery has been made and worn for thousands of years. Expertly worked and polished, the stunning colours and textures compete with other precious metals like gold and silver, at a fraction of the cost. That fact has caused a surge in its popularity as a fashion item.

Sergio Lub is one of the foremost jewellery designers in this field. He has designed and handcrafted copper jewellery for more than 40 years. Many of the bracelets are made using a technique of marrying metals - Metales Casados – which cannot reliably be massed produced. The result is superior quality handmade designer jewellery that will infuse your look with a unique style.

Our copper bracelets and copper magnetic bracelets are carefully selected to give a wide choice of unique designs and a variety of gorgeous tones.

We also feature copper gemstone jewellery, where gemstones like turquoise, onyx, amethyst and quartz are beautifully mounted in a contrasting signature bracelet.

Sizes range from Petite to Extra Large, depending on style. Click Here for our copper bracelet size and fitting guide.